Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tell Me Tuesday

 Happy Fat Tuesday! What are you reading today?


Mary McGinn said...

Hi Christine & all!

I'm so glad this blog is up & running again!

I recently finished The President is a Sick Man, Matthew Algeo, American History, non-fiction.

It's the story of Grover Cleveland's secret surgery at the beginning of his second presidential term to remove a cancerous tumor, and the following cover-up. Part of the cover-up included discrediting the newspaper reporter who uncovered the true story.

There are a number of side stories: Cleveland's childhood & early years, previous and subsequent president's ailments, previous and subsequent presidential cover-ups, personalities of the major characters, details of the state of medicine in the late 1800's, and the political situation of the time.

Who knew Grover Cleveland was interesting?

Christine said...

That does sound interesting, Mary. Thanks for sharing! And there's enough medical stuff going on to keep you interested if the main story hadn't!

DRD said...

I'm onto Return of the King--just a few chapters left to go! And then there's a couple hundred pages of Appendices. Not sure if I'll be able to make it through those.

Christine said...

DRD, did you see The Hobbit? If so, what did you think?

DRD said...

Nope, haven't seen it or Lord of the Rings. I'm hoping not to break my streak!

Christine said...

I enjoyed the LOTR films very much. Did NOT like The Hobbit movie. What a disappointment!

Mary McGinn said...

Dakotah Treasures Series, Lauraine Snelling

Here are 4 light, fun books in a series I read recently. They offered a nice diversion from the heavier non-fiction American History books I’ve been absorbing, but are still along a similar theme. I think they’d be classified as historical Christian fiction.

#1 Ruby-Ruby & her little sister, Opal, are called to their father’s side as he dies. He leaves them an inheritance-a whorehouse. Ruby stays to transform it into a respectable hotel.

# Pearl- Ruby finds true love here. The town needs a school marm, enter Pearl who is from Chicago, escaping memories of childhood burns.

#Opal-Opal falls for the new preacher, but is a) too young to marry, b) would rather rope & ride than settle down. Clearly another book is needed...

#4 Amethyst- Leaves behind a drunk father & travels to find an orphan boy, and finds a husband instead. Opal becomes the preacher’s wife here.

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